About Us

Since CLALYS (CLAudia & AnnaLISa) was founded in 2004 we have provided many tours around special interests and specific themes, especially art, culture, natural landscapes, historical parks and botanical gardens.

Claudia and Annalysa both came from a long career in traditional travel agency when they met-up to share in CLALYS not only their acknowledged experience and skill, but first of all their great love for art and culture and their enthusiasm in proposing a fresh travel-concept based on their urge to transmit to the travellers the same love and keenness for all natural and cultural beauties around the world.

Thus far their travel-style has been enthusiastically focusing on high quality and conformt, to ensure the customer with full satisfaction. Each travel is plan with great attention to all details, high standards facilities and always proposing a great variety of theme, intersting and unusual destinations. This very dynamic and passionate team also show high professional profile and positive problem-solving attitude to assist you all along your journey, to arrange for you a vey custom-tailored travel, and therefore make each tour not a standard one but an exclusive tour.
Please visit our travel suggestions. On request they can vary in length, start and drop-off points and can be a combination of two or more subjects of particular interest to you and may consists of some of our standard day tours or overnight tours if visiting the same regions.